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STARS | wordbound #3

Prompt: What is your favourite word? Write a scene around that word.

Sophia had been building a rocket in her backyard for more than three months now. And tonight would be the night where she finally finished her masterpiece - she had checked and double-checked if all the safety measures were in place and if she had taken enough of her favourite chocolate with her. Just looking at her work made her giggle like a maniac so she lay down on the grass to calm down again. Above her head the stars shone in all their beauty. Sophia reached her hands out into the night, longing for the stars but never getting there. »Tonight,« a voice inside of her whispered. »Tonight, tonight.«

Before getting inside her rocket, Sophia stood up and had one last look around. The old treehouse her father had built when she had been a child, the never-ending fields in the back, their neighbour's car in which she had puked when she had been nine years old. Sophia had always thought this would be harder, but i…

Hope Is Playing This Cruel Game With Me | Black Out Poetry #1

What is Black Out Poetry? ::: Novel I used for these ... The Book of Tomorrow by Cecelia Ahern.
#1 Can't Deny They say this story wasn't happening. I struggle to believe those people - their minds are in dead ends.

#2 The Lies We Tell Ourselves Leaving everyone, I haven't told whatever could be said. Sometimes people close their minds, they say: »I tried furiously to bring him back.« Endless stories.

#3 self-destruction I liked getting lost to be perfectly honest. I loved him all by myself. I wasn't sure if I said it - I meant it.

#4 Human Tragedy People live waiting and waiting and I know now we took an awful lot of tomorrow.

#5 What Happens Any way, the ones that I like go eventually as if nothing had ever happened. I hope we'll find the way to yesterday again.

#6 Before I used to think I'd rather be dead than spend the day with you.

#7 Carry On On the other side of the world, somebody's leaving everything and carrying on.

#8 Wonder One hundred beside me and…